Interim (Memphis)

Interim (Memphis)

For Mother’s Day, I purchased two seats to a Pinot’s Palette class for the mother & myself. We are NOT artists. I can barely color in the lines. So it was more than understood that we’d need several glasses of wine before our creative juices could flow.

Interim just happens to be right next door to said Pinot’s Palette. Convenient for excess drinking & painting!

Got a drink & grabbed our table. Instantly drawn to the smoked salmon dip starter ($13) on the menu. Pureed salmon? K. Served in a tiny mason jar with an equally tiny knife to spread on tiny crostinis. Basically it was for miniature humans. But I downed it. No pix of said salmon dip. I’m bummed about it. Had a really interesting flavor. Wouldn’t want it everyday, but was a nice, fresh starter. Something totally different.

To continue the salmon trend, your girl ordered salmon over a spring pea risotto with a carrot + ginger sauce ($29). I need to preface with – I LOVE RISOTTO. It’s my favorite thing to cook & eat. I could bathe in it. My death of choice is drowning by risotto. That’s enough. Here’s the food.


Salmon was cooked really well. Had a nice grilled flavor. Risotto was ok. A little creamy for me. I prefer a little bite in my risotto. Presentation was beautiful, but very modern. Neon orange is not typically a color you see on a plate, but I slurped it all down anyways. I was mostly pleased because I didn’t have to unbutton my pants by the end of the meal. Win!

Susan (mother) ordered the vegetable plate ($20).


Carrots, lentils, slaw and a summer squash gratin (my fave). She enjoyed.

Full and drunk (4 glasses of wine), we trekked on over to make our masterpieces.





One thought on “Interim (Memphis)

  1. says:

    Loved this food, this restaurant and our weak attempt at painting under the influence. However, there is one point of clarification I need to make. I am Mom, Momma, Mommy or Mother (when I am testing your patience) but I am not Susan (to you anyhow)!


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