Memphis Pizza Cafe

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I can’t even walk through my apartment without tripping over a box or stepping on some bubble wrap. It’s a damn mess up in here. Luckily, I have yet to break anything & I’ve only cried like 3 times. Success!

Greg (daddy) came over to bring me more boxes. I swindled him into buying me dinner also (help me, I’m poor). Meal criteria: Rachey needs a drink.


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Yes, that’s a Woodchuck – I’m a bitch, I know. Anyways, Memphis Pizza Cafe is comfort to me. Always a warm, satisfying meal with a laid-back atmosphere and reasonable prices.

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My favorite thing on the menu is their meatball sub. Few things I love more in this world than juicy balls of meat on a warm hoagie with cheese oozing everywhere. Like, I need to stop typing about this. Obviously, I did not order that. You see, I’ve recently given up most meats. I will come back one day. I am just testing myself.

Enter, MPC’s Alternative Pizza. This pie has no sauce & no meats. Before you yell at me for ordering the most boring pizza in the history of man, I must say, it’s decadent. Olive oil, mozz, basil, garlic and tomatoes make up this little heavenly creation. All working harmoniously to provide my mouth with a fresh, flavorful and fulfilling bite.

Daddy ordered the Hey Meat! pizza. You can guess what that’s about.

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If you’re ever in the mid-south and craving a slice, head over to one of the several MPC locations. I dare say you will not be disappointed.

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Here’s me about to masticate.


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